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PRINSO ® HEALTH CENTER, a unique Acutherapy Clinic, Specializing in The Specific and Natural Treatment for Overweight and Obesity TM with more than 24 years of experience in Monterrey, Mexico and now in AUSTIN Texas, offering the possibility for a solution to the core problem of Overweight through a Healthy, Specific, Complete, Varied and Always more than Sufficient Diet and the support of a Acutherapy specific method.


By solving the core problem of Overweight through the PRINSO ® Treatment
Your physical appearance, your self-esteem, your nutrition, your level of energy and quality of life will all improve.
You will prevent or improve the following: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Fatty Liver, Acid Reflux, Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid, Menstruation, Circulation, Fertility and Spinal problems.


Get answers to frequently asked questions concerning the overweight, other problems and Prinso ® Treatment

Can a person with thyroid problems use the Prinso ® Treatment?

On average how much weight can a person lose?

Can this help a person who has never been able to lose weight with other diets or exercise?


Would you like:
To lose weight quickly, To lower your size, a Diet in fashion, Extreme exercise, Insanity workout, To get rid of hunger, Reducing creams, To burn fat, To increase your metabolism, HCG injections, Amino acid injections, B12 injections, Liposuction, Liposculpture, Lipectomy, Gastric band, Gastric bypass or SOMETHING BETTER? Find out HERE about something better for you and your loved ones.

We encourage you to be conscious of the fact that being overweight is evidence of a serious problem that requires serious treatment.


Since 1977 the World Health Organization has recognized that obesity is in itself an illness.

Obesity begins with being overweight; the only difference is the amount of time it has evolved.

Avoid risks, get treatment now.


I am very grateful for the help Prinso Health Center has given me.  In this the first month of my treatment I have experienced a big change.  I have been following the instructions religiously and have managed to lose 23 pounds.  I am extremely happy with my results.

Berenice M.

I have been in treatment for 2 months and have lost 32 pounds.  I’m happy because besides losing weight my doctor has provided me my cholesterol and sugar results.  He told me my levels are now normal.  I am very thankful to Prinso Health Center and for deciding to begin treatment with them.

B. Martínez

I want to thank Prinso Health Center for all the help they have given me; they have brought back happiness to me and my family.  I have been able to lose 40 pounds in just 2 months thanks to Prinso and its employees.  May God bless them.

Miguel C.

I started treatment with Prinso Health Center two months ago to deal with my weight problem.  And now Jorge Ramos (called the Chinaman), who has more than 21 years experience in Mexico, is helping me here at the Prinso Health Center in Austin, with the use of acupuncture and a special diet whose main feature is you eat a lot.  Even so I have managed to lose 25 pounds, which is more than 11 kilos, and have reduced my pants by 2 to 3 sizes.  I feel great and more importantly, my personal physician has taken me off my diabetes and high blood pressure medications.  These I was taking for 20 years and now I’m free of them, can you imagine?  This is wonderful!

Roy M.

I am grateful to the Prinso Health Center Director and team for helping me recover my body’s health and am posting my photo to illustrate the positive results from my treatment and the fact that anyone who needs it can also achieve the same.

Claudia G. R.

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And you will know where you are in relation to Overweight.

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