Specific Treatment for the Specific Problem

If you or a loved are overweight, this is truly of interest to you! Imagine a comprehensive and natural Treatment for the core problem of being overweight, through the PRINSO ® Healthy Eating, which besides being healthy is complete, varied and always more than...

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Lose Weight in Austin, TX

Losing weight in Austin, in Central Texas or anywhere in the world, should not be a goal, an objective or purpose. It should be a result! Think about it this way. If you are overweight, gaining weight was never a purpose, an objective or goal. It just happened and it...

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Benefits of the PRINSO ® Treatment

Since 1993 PRINSO CLINIC ® in Monterrey, Mexico, has been providing tens of thousands of people the chance to understand, accept and SOLVE the core problem of being overweight, which regardless of sex, age, race, culture, geographical location, type of diet or...

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