Since 1993 PRINSO CLINIC ® in Monterrey, Mexico, has been providing tens of thousands of people the chance to understand, accept and SOLVE the core problem of being overweight, which regardless of sex, age, race, culture, geographical location, type of diet or socio-economic environment, leads to the insidious and progressive accumulation of fat in the body and a predisposition to diabetes and heart problems.

And as a result of all the people who have received benefits, there is greater awareness of the seriousness of this global health problem, which currently affects 70% of the US population.

By solving the core problem which leads to excess weight through the PRINSO © Treatment (researched, developed and registered by the Director Jorge Ramos) which is specific, natural and comprehensive, based on a healthy , complete and varied diet that is always more than sufficient, and the Chinese Acupuncture 8 point System ©, you will obtain the following benefits:

– The extra kilos or extra pounds will go away the same way they came (they came as a result of a change in insulin levels in blood, and they will go away as a result of regulating those insulin levels, it’s that simple).

– Excellent nutrition is assured, by consuming carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, liquids and all the necessary nutritional elements and supplements available in food which can be consumed freely and are available at any supermarket.

– Sugar levels in the blood are regulated naturally and and this in turn leads to two things: Less anxiety (cravings) for sweets, tortillas, chocolate, bread, etc., and secondly, the risk of diabetes is greatly reduced and those who already have it, gradually decrease their medication dose, be it oral or by injection.

– Your self-esteem, self-confidence and physical appearance are greatly improved.

– Problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, menstrual disorders, gastritis, headache, back pain, waist pain, joint pain, shortness of breath, proneness to exhaustion, spinal problems, poor circulation, fluid retention, varicose veins, anxiety, depression, risk of cancer, etc., are all prevented or ameliorated.