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Amhiga Hispana is a nonprofit organization which came to being in Austin, Texas for the purpose of uniting Hispanic women to help one other.

The mission of the organization is to provide the right tools through free training courses to improve Hispanic women in all aspects of their lives and thus achieve balance and self-realization.

This the third workshop of 2015 will be held on Saturday, March 21, at 10:00 am at the YMCA, located at 1000 Rundberg Lane, Austin TX 78753. We have the honor of presenting to you Jorge Ramos, Director of PRINSO Health Center, with the topic “The contradiction of overweight”. Jorge Ramos offers an entirely different perspective from what we are used to hearing about OVERWEIGHT.

“The Contradiction of Overweight” by Jorge Ramos, Director of Prinso ® Health Center [Saturday, March 21, 2015]

Jorge Ramos is a Mexican physician, graduate of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Specialist in Chinese Acupuncture with a graduate degree from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Nanjing in the People’s Republic of China and a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Obesity from the School of Medicine of the Monterrey [Institute of] Technology. He has over 22 years’ experience as Director of the Prinso ® Clinic of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and from there he came to Austin, Texas, where he is currently Director of the Prinso ® Health Center, a Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, Specializing in Treating the Core Problem of Overweight and Obesity ™

The March 21 conference will offer us the innovative perspective of Jorge Ramos, Director of Prinso ® Health Center regarding the reality of overweight. “The discussion about the Contradiction of Being Overweight is highly interesting, explaining why overweight is a blessing and that gaining weight is not due to poor eating habits, why excess weight is not due to an eating disorder, and why losing weight should not be a goal, nor a solution, but a result. Above all, why instead of dieting you have to eat more as the problem that causes excess weight in the body is resolved. Most important of all: What is really the problem that causes excess weight, and how to overcome it,” Jorge Ramos stated.

“We are interested in taking part in Amhiga Hispana because we believe that this organization is an important platform for promoting the overall development of Hispanic women, and health and well-being are a fundamental part of development in all areas of growth and self-improvement. And since women are the foundation of the family, which in turn is the basic operating unit of society, I view this as an essential first step in awakening awareness of the serious public health problem posed by excess weight in our community and in all communities, “concluded Jorge Ramos, Director of Prinso ® Health Center.


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