Which is the best method to solve Overweight?

Diets are always focused in reducing weight and not in solving the problem that causes that the human body accumulates more fat than it should. In other words, diets focus in reducing or fighting the consequence and don’t focus in solving the root cause of the problem.

0 Dieta Vs Estilo RespuestaA change in lifestyle is to prevent the problem from its roots but it is not the best choice to solve it; besides, when overweight, the hardest thing to do is to change one’s lifestyle. In this case, it could be compared to a bank loan, it is easier to get it when you don’t need it.

What I am trying to say in regard to overweight, is that diets are not the best choice because these are focused in solving the consequence, not the root cause and a lifestyle change is not the best choice either, because it is to prevent a problem, but not to fix it.

So, what is it then?

Then, the best choice is: A specific treatment of the root problem of obesity and that is precisely the area of expertise of Prinso ® Health Center. A specific treatment to help to solve the cause of overweight, through a SPECIFIC FOOD PLAN which is healthy, complete, varied and more than enough with the support of Acutherapy (Acutens Prinso ® System), to make the specific Eating Way easier to follow.

We can jokingly compare a diet with a piñata, it is meant to be broken (not to mention when there is a holiday, a party or a get-together).

And if a Lifestyle Change is imposed on you to reduce 40 pounds that you have of overweight first, and then to struggle with it for the rest of your life! Go figure!

When a person is not overweight, it is easy to make a lifestyle change, it is extremely easy; at this point, a lifestyle change CAN be for life. It is not only to avoid overweight, but to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etcetera or just to reduce the risk of having these problems.

But when someone is overweight, whether it is just a little or a lot, without complications or with serious issues, it is BETTER to receive a specific treatment for the specific metabolic disorder (Hyperinsulinemia and/or resistance to insulin) that is the main root of overweight.

The treatment has to be approached in a formal and serious manner, like any other serious treatment for a serious health problem.

The advantage of Hyperinsulinemia is that it is 100% reversible and its treatment, the PRINSO Treatment, like any other serious treatment, has a beginning phase, a duration and a conclusion.

Once an individual with overweight ends the Treatment, the individual no longer has Hyperinsulinemia and no more overweight (which is the symptom) and then yes, it is recommended to do a lifestyle change for life which is to prevent, to learn how to eat healthy and it is easier then to avoid gaining weight again, for the time period that the individual decides.