• PRINSO® HEALTH CENTER, is the Unique Acutherapy Clinic specializing in The Specific and Natural Program for Solving the Underlying Problem of Being Overweight. Prinso provides you with support, counseling, information and all the necessary resources to allow for you to recognize and accept the serious problem posed by being overweight, and to then start on the road to full recovery, ensuring at all times that you will enjoy excellent nutrition.


With the Specific and Natural Prinso® Program to solve the Core Problem of Overweight; three areas are taken in account: energetical, physiological and psychological in each person, and recommendations for physical conditioning are also given.

PRINSO® Program is for all people who are overweight, regardless of the amount or the time to have it.

PRINSO ® Program is a unique and registered system for solving the core problem of Overweight and Obesity.

It is 100% natural. No usage of any medicines, supplements or commercial products is given here, the treatment is only based on a healthy, varied, complete eating plan with food you can buy at any super market. Relying on Acutherapy, to adapt more easily to the eating plan.

Currently the form of Acuterapia we are using at Prinso Health Center is Acutens; which consists of the application of patches or pads on the body on acupuncture points and these are connected to a device that provides low frequency pulsations, for 20 to 25 minutes each session.

The two main effects of Acutens are: Tranquilizing or relaxing or anti-stress effect and the most important: Labile tendency effect of insulin regulation in the body. This allows the best adaptation to the Prinso® Healthy Eating.

After the first appointment, the returning appointments will be preferably every week until the Program is finished. Duration varies according to the BMI (body mass index) in each person.

Even when being overweight is said to be caused by multiple factors, in all cases there exists what is termed insulin resistance, causing the pancreas to produce higher levels of this hormone in the blood when faced with such a stimulus, leading to Hyperinsulinemia, which in turn promotes a greater accumulation of fat in the body, thus forming a vicious circle.
Based on this, while in the People’s Republic of China, Jorge Ramos researched and developed the Prinso © Program, which seeks to avoid over stimulating the pancreas while at the same time affording the person according to his/her own characteristics a healthy, adequate, varied, complete and more than sufficient eating regimen, based on a great variety and quantity of vegetables, broths, soups, egg whites, fruit water, liquids, herbs, spices, chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork, goat, veal, ostrich, etc., etc. (which contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, elements, supplements and water), thus promoting an excellent state of nutrition and a tendency toward regulation of the metabolism.
Treatment is 100% natural and following your personal instructions by the book, you will obtain the maximum benefit, which is the solution to the underlying problem of overweight, avoiding adverse side effects and at the end, learning how to prevent being overweight again.

It is recommended that anyone who already has complications for being overweight or any other disease, get or continue treatment with a medical doctor while doing the Prinso® Program.

Our Mission

To make more and more people aware that Overweight is a Symptom of a serious and specific metabolism problem named Hyperinsulinemia which should be treated as soon as possible, seriously and completely.